I have just finished up at my monthly team meeting. We had a record month and the  enthusiasm and recognition seemed very flat

What are some inspirational and unique ways to recognize contribution and exceptional performance within a team. This is young/smart bunch of consultants working for a global brand.  

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I'll take a page from Michael LeBoeuf's book "The Greatest Management Principle in the World"

Use prizes to reward working together instead of working against.  (paraphrased from the chart on page 103)

Examples from page 102 include: Family dinners paid by the company, sports or theater tickets, vacation trips, gift certificates, [...] company products or services, and appliances [...] 

The book goes on to describe a hardware store that solved an absenteeism issue by holding a prize drawing amongst everyone with 100% attendance for the month, and a bigger prize for 6 months.

 This is apparent when you think about it... how would you feel taking your family out for a nice meal that's entirely paid for by your employer for a job well-done?  Maybe a little bit of pride?