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all the managers in my org attended a EMC and left enthusiasitc.  We rolled out the trinity by the book.  after  a couple of strong months, it began to fizzle.

I want to re-ignite the enthusiam and find what is blocking us.  Any advice?

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Rollout takes more than a couple months so I doubt you had a couple "strong" months.  It takes a year before you can have a "strong" month. That said, it is easy to re-ignite. Re-ignition only requires O3s. Don't worry about what is blocking you. Just schedule the meeting then follow the O3 agenda.

Presumably you have stuck with O3s between you and your directs. If so, keep it up.  If not, just restart. To make it more likely you will keep it up use the rollout phasing and focus only on O3s for three months - baby steps. 

Ask your directs how their O3s are going with their directs. Use your O3 and feedback to reinforce. Ask them to do O3s and hold steady with only O3s for a few months. 

As far as other managers who do not report to you - I would do nothing. If they don't want to do it, it is their decision and they have their own big boy and big girl pants to wear.  They will change their minds when they see your results.  Or they won't.  So be it.

Focus on your O3s with your staff and their O3s with their staff. Do that for 3-4 months.

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Thanks William for taking the time to respond. 

we are actually rocking the house when it comes to O3s.  this has been in our culture for years.  it's the feedback model that we're stuck on.  we all started on positive feedback with goals to go from 1 per day for a week, to 2 per day for a week, etc, as outline in the Trinity Rollout guidance.  without knowing we were doing this, people outside my organization actually commented that the overall ambience of my department was more positive during these first few weeks.  then it started to fizzle. 

any advice on how to energize the group around feedback?

cheers, Damon

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How about a reset? We often recommend a reset with One on Ones, if you’re not following the model. A reset for feedback might be just as applicable here. I’d suggest starting over with a staff meeting announcement, then concentrate on your own team. If you can start with one positive feedback per day and go through the process of moving all the way up to five, it might cause a jump start cross the board. 

It can be frustrating to enact change, but we can always start over or try again. Positive feedback is energizing to the team in itself. Leveraging feedback in your team, you might be able to cause a lot of positive behavior that could drive out some of the negative. Remember too, we can only control our own behavior. If others are seeing it fizzle that doesn’t mean you have to have the same experience. 


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I have noticed a difficulty pushing through that phase of the trinity as well.  My only advice is keep trying.  Start over and let peole know you are trying.  When I had five coins in my right pocket at the end of teh day it felt very good.  Focus on that.  To be honest - even when I had three coins (pocker chips actually) in my right pocket it felt pretty good.  My staff knew I was going to provide feedback 5x daily, they wanted to hear it, they expected it, and the believed I would be true to my word - so the pressure is on because I had said I would be doing it.  When I fully communicated to all - especially the staff to whom I was giving the feedback - I felt a stronger responsibility to provide the feedback.