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My company has two "checkpoints" during the year in addition to the annual review. To me, this is like 3 reviews since feedback and ratings are given at each. Given this:

1. Should we be going through the 3-month prepration process three times a year?

2. How do we handle "giving away" all our accomplishments too early? In other words, you point out in the review cast that a successful item from last year's review might be due course this year, therefore you need to add new things. Does this apply for checkpoints? Do we need to improve upon a success in checkpoint two going into the final review at the end of the year?



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1. Yes, sort of. REmember that we pitched our review prep cast with guidance that it assumed that no one had done the quarterly reviews that we talked about. If you do those quarterlies - and this is a crucial point - the end of year work is much more about writing, since you only have to review the last quarter. The previous quarters are DONE.

2. It depends. Sometimes yes, sometimes not. If your annual goal was customer sat of 92%, and you made 96% in Q1 and that is an exceptional number, I don't think you need to beat 96 in Q3... just stay the course for an end of year 96. BUT! That depends on you, the company... it TRULY depends. One ought to do one's best, within resource constraints.

Hope this helps.