I'm trying to implement retention reports as in

Does anyone have a template or sample they could share? We're a very small organization and will be starting from scratch so a reference point will save us a lot of bumbling ; )

Looks like Lee Butler would like one, too: This Retention topic is off to a great 

Thanks in advance!

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I've got an excel file that I've used for a template, and if you send me a PM, I can get it to you via email.  Unless anyone knows a way to post it here?


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<p>Hi Dorian,</p>
<p>I am interested in the template as I am&nbsp;just kicking off regular retention planning due to major targeting of our business for our talent ast year.</p>
<p>Gary Bennett</p>

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I've had a couple of requests for the template I've been using, and I've attached it here for anyone to use.


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Thanks so much for posting your template!  I'm trying to get this started with my new team, and had gone through my old succession planning and retention files without finding a tool that wasn't overly complicated.

To make this a little more useful for succession planning, I'm adding a column for "dificulty to replace."   A row of M's or H's would prompt me to start considering my bench with respect to that person's position.