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Any suggestions on how to "be found" without REALLY going public? I'm still employed and would prefer to "tell no one" that I'm actively looking... and I still want to get more exposure!

I've seen suggestions elsewhere about creating a "Confidential job seeker" profile on job boards - i.e., replacing my current company name with "Confidential Health Care Company, [Location]," etc.  Would that be worth doing, or would recruiters just gloss right over my resume? I'm getting some interest through my LinkedIn profile and networking - just want to broaden the search as much as possible.

Would appreciate your perspective! Thanks.


(If you haven't listened yet, here's the cast:

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I've been listening to the find/contact recruiter podcasts repeatedly. They point out the middle ground of "open to opportunities" which exists between "I'm looking" and "I'm not looking" for work. I think keeping your network warm is the best way to prepare for when you'll be ready to make a move.