I have been with the same company for 17 years, starting as an entry level operations clerk, then Operations Manager, then Production Manager & now so many areas of responsibility that I sound like a 1 woman army.  How do I write a resume that doesn't seem as disjointed as my current role?  Many of what I consider to be major accomplishments are so old that I'm not sure how relevent they are, ie: collected $200K in over 90 day accounts & maintained a less than 10% over 90 receivable for 10 years.  My most recent accomplishments have more to do with meeting deadlines than any actual "function". Further, I've had to learn most of these new responsibilities with little or no training, kind of a "seat of your pants" situation.  How do I reflect these issues as there was no formal education or training?


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If I am understanding you correctly, you seem to be saying that you regard your lack of qualifications/training as a major weakness?

I bet that you have a lot more to offer than you realise. I don't know if it is a female thing, but I think we are very bad at acknowledging our achievements!

If you talked to someone you respect, and asked them to probe you for what you have done in the past 5 years,  you would probably come up with a list of achievements that a) you had forgotten about or b) you hadn't realised were significant.

The fact that you have 17 years experience in your field is very positive in any case, coupled with the fact that you have been promoted so many times.

Perhaps the key thing to focus on, though, is why are you writing a resume? Are you applying for a specific job? If so, you need to work backwards. Find out the knowledge/skills that are needed for the job, and build your resume to show that you possess them.

You need to have a different resume for every job you apply for, depending on the job in question.

And going back to the qualifications issue, if you feel that it is holding you back, have you thought about doing a night class or distance learning programme that could get you accredited in your field?

Hope that helps..

Best wishes


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