First off, thank you guys for a great resource! Manager Tools has been a great find for me, it has been a valuable extension of my MBA (although more practical and hands-on).

I have a question after re-listening to the cast on resumes. I have a couple of publications in some trade magazines along with a book. They are technical, or at least cover a technical topic and the business application of the technology. Should I find a place for this on the resume or only worry about it if the technology is a key component to the job?


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Good question. Couple of different answers.

First, YES it goes on your core resume. Technical papers and books are excellent accomplishments.

Second, yes, it goes on almost any "final" resume. That kind of external validation for your technical expertise carries extra weight than just any accomplishment.

About the only time it wouldn't woud be when it was in an area that not only didn't have any relationship to the new opportunity technically, that there were other technical accomplishments IN that new job's area (that essentially prove your prowess), and the job was for (most likely) a non-technical (read: managerial) role.

Happy to help.