Hi!  Working on the resume template, and have hit a bit of a conundrum:  I can't get further back than 2013, due to having multiple positions at 2 different organizations (promoted from within 2x at one (total of 3 distinct roles), and promoted once at current job (two distinct roles.)  I'm sure there's a way to kind of collapse these down, I'm just not sure of the best way?  It's essentially 5 distinct positions that ar eating up the entire page.

Any comments/ideas appreciated.

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I struggled with something similar. I was with one company 19 years and held 3 distinct positions, we'll say intro, senior, then manager. I dropped the "intro" position and wrapped that experience in with the "senior" position. Then indicated the year I moved to the "manager" position and listed out the highlights from that period. I was all listed under the same company, with sub-headings for each position title and dates.

Eventually, I did a more condensed version where I only used my final manager position title and used the full dates of my time at the company. I dropped some of the early experienced bullets and focused on the later highlights. I used just enough of the early experience so it was there as a talking point if relevant.

In my case, I tailored the resume for where I wanted to go more than where I had been, if that makes sense. The work I was doing in those early years informed my overall experience but is not directly related to the role I am working now or aiming for tomorrow. You're situation may be different.