As a consultant, I have had 5 clients over the past 2 years. On my resume, should I list all these experiences as one list of accomplishments and responsibilities or split it into multiple. (see below for an example)

I am finding it awkward to put it as one because my accomplishments are related to the particular client/project I was working on.


1. One list of accomplishments and responsibilities

5/2010-Present Consultant at MyCompany
Great description of the responsibilities I have. Getting clients, doing work.

  • Had 5 clients
  • all happy
  • On one project Software ran without errors for 6 months
  • On another, Resulted in a followon contract

2. Multiple lists of accomplishments, one per client

10/2010-2/2013 Consultant at OtherCompany3
Worked on building toy car software.

  •  Software ran without errors

9/2010-10/2010 Consultant at OtherCompany2
Did some research code.

  • Resulted in a followon contract

5/2010-8/2010 Consultant at OtherCompany1
Worked on mobile app that did something amazing.

  •  How satisfied the customer was




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The answer is the first one :-)

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