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In our Resume Accomplishments cast, we set you a challenge. Can you make one (or more) decent accomplishments from the bullet below following the guidelines in the cast? You can make up the numbers, the customers, anything you can imagine. Lean/Agile/Scrum/Transformation Team Coach/Scrum Master Introduced Agile, Scrum and XP principles & practices to a team of business and technical people charged with developing a major enhancement to a successful global manufacturing quality product. This setting was very well served by having two business leaders in the team-room including the sponsor as well as access to SMEs around the world. As a pilot Agile project, they initially thought they were free to do the minimum necessary to get to success, ala Lean. We approached it with that expectation and quickly made visible the impediments that were likely to threaten the project’s success in the end.

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How about this?

"Achieved 30% improvement in time to implement enhancement by piloting Agile project methodology."

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Finished 2M$ project for a major enhancement to a successful global manufacturing quality product in-buget, in-scope and in-time by introducting agile principles.

if that's still to long:

Finished 2M$ project for enhancing a global manufacturing product in-buget, in-scope and in-time by introducting agile principles.

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"Realized $1M additional profit by enhancing a global manufacturing product on-time and under budget through Scrum best practices."

TheBeezer: Good one!


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I won't be original, but thought I would jump off of yours and just re-arrange the words a little. I seem to remember Mike and Mark describing an order to the bullet.

"Realized $1M additional profit, on time and under budget by enhancing a global manufacturing product using Scrum best practices."

BTW, enjoyed learning with you in the October Dulles Conferences, and I need to follow you.

Ken Morrison


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Can I get 2 bullets out of the same project?

Increased revenue by $3M for FY2011 by delivering enhancement to a global manufacturing quality product 

Delivered enhancement project on-time and on-budget by successfully piloting Agile methodology

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You should separate the two accomplishments, because they are two different things.

You would include item 1 in your resume/interview if the focus was on increasing sales or revenue.

You would include item 2 if you are interviewing for an PM job using Agile methodology.

You may include both if you were looking for role that does both.  I ran a project that reconfigured 4 systems on in a manufacturing facility.   We brought in more that $500K in paid service revenue by completing the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

One suggestion -- it would be great if you could quantify your success in the second bullet.  Not sure how you can do that, but it really strengthens the accomplishment.


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'Increased profit $1M by reducing training  costs and implementation time in the integration of new technical practices.'

This is not easy if I know the field; really hard if I don't. 

Lean/Agile/Scrummaster= skinny, quick rugby player?


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What do you all think of these ?


* Achieved favorable license terms during negotiations with known difficult vendor.

* Avoided unessesary purchase of $35,000 product by conducting a carefull overlap analysis of similar products.

* Realized $20,000 surplus in FY13/14 serials budget by careful planning and smart negotiations.

* Increased document lending by 10% with the documentation of holdings data in the national sharing program.

* Raised visability and prestige of the library by participation in the National Network of Medical Libraries Southeast Region print archive Retention Task Force and the resulting shared archive program named MedPrint.