Conversation during resignation:

Me: I have enjoyed working here. Joe, I have accepted another offer. I have prepared the following project to go over my recommendations on the next 90 days...

Mgr: Max, what made you decide to leave?

Me: Joe, I have prepared this file.

Mgr: Max, you are not answering my question.

Me: Joe, I have accepted another offer.

Mgr: Max, you owe me an explanation!

Me: Joe, I am trying to go through the transition file that I prepared.

Mgr: You are leaving after I defended you!

Me: I accepted another offer.

Mgr: What is it? Your workload? Money?

Mgr: Why did you not talk to me about three weeks ago?

Me: I enjoyed working here with you

Mgr: I take it, this is your notice?

Me: Yes

Me: I would like to walk you through the deck I have prepared to discuss the next 90 days

Mgr: What is your last day

Me: 4 weeks, I will be in the office for the next two weeks, an after that I will be available to work from home for the last two weeks

Me: I can go over the project details as pointed out in this deck

Mgr: You are still not telling me why

Me: I have accepted another offer

Mgr: I can't believe you are leaving now. There is a lot of work open and our new big project that you were going to lead.

Me: I have set recommendations on what the priorities are and who to contact in this document

Mgr: I pretty much know what your workload is

Mgr: I will talk to HR

Mgr: I will go over this and let you know

Me: OK, let me know.

I got up and left the room.

Any comments are welcome....

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I was in the same position and gave similar responses, always with a warm tone and smile.  Another response I used was to thank my manager for all I learned and how appreciative I was during my employment.  I think it's human nature to back down a bit when being complimented.  And I meant it, remembering that there is always something to be thankful for and appreciate. 

Continue to stay strong and pofessional. 



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If the conversation came down the way you indicated, I believe you were disrespectful.

You:  "I have enjoyed working here, Joe. I have accepted another offer. I have prepared the following project to go over my recommendations on the next 90 days."

Joe: "Max, what made you decide to leave?"

You: "I have prepared this file."

Joe is right. You were evasive and avoided answering his question. In fact you went well beyond not answering his question by ignoring it, blowing it off entirely, changing the subject, and attempting to exert your control over every aspect of the conversation. Even if the answer was "I don't feel comfortable discussing it," at least that would be straightforward.

You don't owe Joe an explanation, but if you've developed any kind of decent relationship over time, in my opinion you owe him more than blowing his question off and changing the subject. Joe is not going to like your manner of response any more than you would like it if the situation was reversed.

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I agree with mrreliable.  Saying something like this would have better maintained the relationship:

"Joe, I have enoyed working here.  While I can't give specifics, I'd like to say that I am running towards a unique opportunity for me.  I'm not running away from a problem here and I appreciate everything you and Acme Corp have done for me"


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I was told that I would no longer need to come in after that week.  Gave the notice Tueday morning and was told that Friday would be my last day.

I immediately provided the transition file to my counter-part and provided follow-up details over the next few days.