Hi guys - In your blog on resigning after receiving an advance bonus payment I alluded to that situation arising in my career soon. Then you had to go and start a series of casts dealing with resigining on almost the same day that I received a job offer! Timing is everything - I just happen to be just a little ahead of you...

Here's the situation: I have been working for a company (away from home) for a little over 3 months. I was brought by a friend who offered the opportunity as a "challenge." He actually resigned at the same time as he offered me the position and because of family in the area I chose to proceed. In the short three months I have come to realize the meaning of a dysfunctional company; nearly insurmountable logistics issues, people issues, dwindling credit lines and enormous losses ($1.8M first qrtr loss blamed on our operational inefficiencies and 3 of 6 Boad members just resigned this month).

My friend who moved on the greener pastures with a highly profitable, people oriented company who actually [i]practices[/i] the people development styles and performance tracking that I have learned so much of from your casts, has now invited me to join him in greener pastures. I usually warn my people that the grass isn't always greener but in this instance, I think it's a bright, vivid green.

I have been given a start date of August 14th - 2 weeks from Monday. Although I don't have a lot vested in my current employer, I will have a difficult time in turning in my resignation because of the personal relationships that I have developed and the sense of "hope" that my directs have attributed to my presence. I was prepared to turn in my letter this week but the CEO was visiting today and tomorrow and I didn't want my departure to disrupt his time here.

I plan on accepting the offer after a few details about temporary living expenses are amended but I need to know with only two weeks notice, what will be most important to accomplish in that time? Is there anything else I should know from the future casts on resigning that you could leak while I still have the opportunity? Is it normal to feel slightly guilty for leaving a company that so desperately needs help even if the opportunity is more beneficial to my family as well as my career?

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Brad, here are a couple of notes - unfortunately I can't directly answer your primary question.

Yes, it's normal to feel bad for leaving your people because right now you see yourself as shielding them, at least in part, from a dysfunctional organization. But, like the oxygen masks on the airplanes, you need to save yourself first before you can save others.

Your start date is noted at 2 weeks from Monday, but you don't have a finalized offer. That's really odd and I'd hesitate to quit my present job before having the new offer finalized and accepted by both parties.

Finally, regarding your start date. You say "I have been given a start date". What you really mean to say is that they suggested a start date and you agreed. If you need another week or two, push for it. They should be reasonable on this, especially since the offer isn't complete.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

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Thanks Lou - You're right about the start date - it was given by them in anticipation of being totally prepared for 4th quarter so there is a sense of urgency on their part. I suspect it was also done to ensure a quick response on my part.

I have a formal offer given via email with the packet of forms to be mailed Monday because of some last minute clairifications needed this week. I have been assured, and trust these people, that as long as I'm not a drug addict or have a criminal history, that everything will proceed according to plan.

I did give my resignation today to make the start date and give the requisite two weeks. I'm afraid that it has been such a standard that I never really considered anything else until I listened to the resigning cast. I would have liked to have given more but since I was not with them for very long, I don't have as much to cover as if I had been there for any length of time.

As an FYI...I made my first visit to Philly (West Hanover) for one of my interviews. Had I planned it better I would have made a point to find one of the "true" cheesesteak sandwich shops in town!


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Glad to be of help Brad. Enjoy your new position - I wish you much success.

And for those who want to know, some of the best Cheese Steaks in Philly are at Jim's Steaks on 4th and South. Just ask for a Wiz With and you're good to go.