So I got an offer that I am accepting tomorrow (thank you MT Interview Series)!

So I checked out the How to Resign series and it says how to behave and how to resign/what to say to your boss, but didn't really give any guidance (or maybe it did and I missed it) on how to notify your directs that you're leaving. 

Should this be the responsibility of your boss after they accept your resignation, or once you have the conversation with your boss should you sit your staff down and talk to them each individually, either on that day or during regularly scheduled one on ones?

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  1. Have contact info for your directs, so in case your boss has you escorted out the door unceremoniously, you can still say goodbye.
  2. Offer to provide a reference for any direct whom you'd feel comfortable recommending.
  3. Ask your boss for permission to break the news to your directs, and be graceful with either a yes or a no answer to that request.
  4. Let your directs know that you've written partial annual reviews for them, so their hard work and successes this year won't be forgotten or overlooked by a new manager.
  5. Be upbeat and optimistic about the company, even if you're heading across the street to work for a competitor.


Do not

  1. Offer to take employees with you. Even if you do want to cherry-pick, do so from behind the desk of your new job, not your old one.
  2. Badmouth the firm or express pity, even in jest, for those left behind. They will likely have to work harder in your absence.
  3. Make jazzy speeches. Not even if you really, really want to.

It speaks very well of you that you're concerned for your directs during a time of transition. Good luck at the new job!


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There appears to be a discrepancy between the How To Resign podcasts which very assertively state "TELL NO ONE" because it is your boss's right to share the news and (paraphrasing) control the message, and the Post-resignation Team Meeting podcasts which recommends getting the news of your resignation to your team immediately by either a meeting, or if your boss prevents that, by email.  Have I misinterpretted the recomendations here?