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BLUF: I am in the process of researching literature out there that I may be able to use to support the trinity. I thought I would ask the Manager-Tools community if you know of any articles to get me started?

Specifically, this paper is for my Master's program and it needs to be a literary review to answer my question, "Do managers using relationship power have better results than managers using role power as measured by employee turnover, satisfaction, and company financial success"?

So, any good sources out there (preferably Peer Reviewed) that you could point me to so I can start gathering some information? I only have roughly two weeks for research before I need to start writing so not enough time to do any of my own studies or measurements. I am instructed to use existing studies or papers that might support my belief. I'd love to generate research that supports O3s, Feedback, and Coaching/Delegation.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!