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Hi All,

I'm planning the annual face-to-face meeting for our remote team and am looking for some examples of how you all have structured these in the past. As far as team dynamic, there are about 20 people total with half of them located remotely. The office-bound people see each other nearly every day and the remote people only see each other about once a year or so (with a few exceptions). While I was a part of the remote team in the past, I now manage them so this will be my first crack at putting together an effective three-day agenda. I do want to focus on building communication and trust within the team (without hokey exercises like trust falls) as well as rolling out some changes our enterprise is making and work to get buy-in since they'll have to carry the water for these changes to be successful.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and input!

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 There is a good meeting introduction cast to get you started

Some other simple ideas

Consider pre-wiring the information on the changes.  Think about all your high C and high S's in particular.   Give them advanced notice and ask them to think about how they can make these new changes work.

Consider also the possibility of role swapping.   E.g. askin questions like 'george, what do you think Mia's team might need to be successful?'

Engineer breaks.  2 breaks with technology  (phones and puters).  The rest are technology free and require mingling.  

Rotate seating.

Hope that helps