I’ve started the positive feedback phase of rolling out the trinity. I have three reports, all remote. I’m also a first-time manager as of 8 weeks ago. I’ve been doing weekly O3s since day 1.

The difficulty in getting past one scrunchie is that I lack the ability to lean over and give someone feedback. I give it in O3s, but that still leaves me with 2 days of the week with no exchange.

I gather from the “Distant Manager" podcasts that I should be trying to call each of them once a day.

So, I have a few questions if anyone has advice to share!

  • Is it reasonable to call someone up for a 30-second feedback exchange?
  • If so, how do you avoid it being a long conversation?
  • if I only have 3 directs, am I still aiming for 5 feedback exchanges a day, 25 a week? Do you prorate based on team size?

Thanks for reading! I do believe this podcast is saving my butt from being a mediocre manager and giving me a good chance at an eventual director promotion. Can’t thank you enough for putting this out.