I'm working to formally rollout the trinity to my directs, starting with modifying the way I perform one on one meetings. In the past I did a 60 min weekly 1:1, but as my team has grown my ability to consistently keep up with a 60 min slot has been difficult.  My adoption of the Trinity will include shortening our 1:1 time to 30min, ensuring I keep them, and following the O3 format. 

90% of my team is local in the same office, but I have one direct who is remote in another country. This remote direct already feels that getting ~50 hours a year of face time isn't enough. I'm concerned about scaling down the 1:1 to 30 min will result in more frustration with this remote direct. (my high S is kicking in here).

Has anyone been through the same situation, or have any advice to offer for this situation?  Do you give your remote directs more 1:1 time to make up for the fact you don't see them around the office? Or do you stick with the 30 min?

Thanks for the advice. 



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I also have a single remote direct, with a time difference of 13-14 hours, depending on time of year. I talk with him once a day on Monday and Friday, and twice a day Tuesday-Thursday. These "routine" calls can last anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes, depending on what's going on. Most of the time they last less than 15 minutes.

Our 1-on-1 replaces one of the calls during his normal working hours (my evening), and usually runs right at 30 minutes. He's free to discuss whatever is on his mind during his part of the call. Sometimes it is all work-related, other times it will be about personal issues or about his directs and their issues.

He has declined my offers to reduce or eliminate the calls during his evening, as he values the contact time. Maybe more frequent contact, even for shorter periods, will help your direct feel more a part of the team.