I'm working to formally rollout the trinity to my directs, starting with modifying the way I perform one on one meetings. In the past I did a 60 min weekly 1:1, but as my team has grown my ability to consistently keep up with a 60 min slot has been difficult.  My adoption of the Trinity will include shortening our 1:1 time to 30min, ensuring I keep them, and following the O3 format. 

90% of my team is local in the same office, but I have one direct who is remote in another country. This remote direct already feels that getting ~50 hours a year of face time isn't enough. I'm concerned about scaling down the 1:1 to 30 min will result in more frustration with this remote direct. (my high S is kicking in here).

Has anyone been through the same situation, or have any advice to offer for this situation?  Do you give your remote directs more 1:1 time to make up for the fact you don't see them around the office? Or do you stick with the 30 min?

Thanks for the advice.