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BLUF: I just finished a phone screen and only remembered to close as we were hanging up. I had forgotten the most important part of the process!

I've been listening to MT since early 2008. I know the content of many of the casts pretty well. Even though my last job search ended less than 6 months ago, I was confident going into this search that I knew what I needed to do. Then, at the end of my first phone screen, I remembered how wrong I was. I forgot to close the right way on the phone with the screener. I did follow up with them within a few minutes via email on a request they had during the call and I closed at that point. I just know I didn't put the best foot forward because I forgot part of the process. Chin up. Move on...

I will (sheepishly) go load up my podcast queue again from the app with all the casts from the interviewing series and re-listen to them again... :)