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I do think there is a balance here that needs to be considered where there is consistent decisions by a boss that does not listen to your input or suggestions.  At some point you just need to move on to a new job.   Looking back on my career this has happened twice and both times it as worked out that my making a transition was better for me mentally, physically, and fiancially.

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I agree that there are bosses that can be challenging to agree with sholden but i found that after listening to the cast that while i don't get on with my boss all the time, when we do agree there should be that narrow alignment that Mark mentions.

I found the cast in general very good as it made me more aware that i don't need to agree 100% but when a decision is made to work towards the goal. Far too often i have held out and not fully committed and i see it with some team members who report into me as well. Through the O3 i get to address these items with them but my own boss doesn't do regular meetings (thats another story) so where a decision has been made my best course is to support him