This podcast could not have come at a better time for me. Last week I was considering whether I was give too much advice/suggestions/help to one or two people at work.

I was brought up by my folks (my mother especially) , not to wait to be asked for help , but to offer help if I saw people needing it. I think I've been going a little further and giving too much help rather than just offering it. At work, I have been very free with my ideas and advice because our office is currently sailing through very disturbing times and our company in the UK is continuing to make people redundant.

I think I may have already partially answered my posting by saying that I have been giving help instead of just offering and been happy with a no thanks. I am now thinking how to mitigate the impact this may have had on my relationships. I'd value feedback from anyone who has dealt with this situation in the past.

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From your post it sounds like you are well meaning, but it would pay to remember that "interference is help given at the wrong point".

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so sad

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True and well said. Thank you