Is it proper to ask a person flat out if you can refer them before doing so? If someone hands you their resume and says that they are interested in an opportunity is that a passive acknowledgement that you will be submitting them for recommendation ( and reaping the company offered bonus if they get hired )?

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I always ask, indicating that I am referring them to company X for position Y. If they've handed me a resume and said, "Hey, I'd like to work for [company] as a [role]" I would still tell them, "OK, great, I'll give your resume to the hiring manager..." If I found a position later that day that they didn't know about, I would ask before I gave the resume to the manager for that new position.

I would want the same treatment if they had my resume.

You do not need to tell them that you're eligible for a referral bonus.


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CWcollin -

I apologize that this has taken me so long, but I don't understand the question. Why are they giving you their resume? I can't imagine there would be a problem with you referring them...they'd have to take the offer (their call) for you to get any bonus.

What am I missing?

Again, my regrets. Hope this still has some value for you.