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I traded emails with Mike before posting, and he thought it would be ok to reach out here.  [Thank you, Mike.  Really appreciate it, Dude.]  

I'm recruiting to hire a software engineering manager and a project manager for my team in Austin, Texas.  

I'd love to help out someone from this community who may be searching for a new role.  And selfishly, I'd love to have managers on my team who are already familiar with the MT way of doing things.  

If you're interested in either of these roles, please send me a private message for a detailed description and the link to apply.  



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Want to join a team delivering the fastest growing product line in a Fortune 500 company?  You’ll be responsible for leading and building one of the core teams in a global engineering organization.  You’ll have the opportunity to lead a talented software development team with visibility to the highest levels of the company.  You’ll work out of our office in Austin, Texas, where we have the fun, casual feel of a start-up, and the stability of mature company.  You’ll have a proven track record of delighting clients and leading high-performing teams.  

This is your call to action!  If this sounds like the role for you, please send me a private message.