I work at a very large software company in a senior position, but I'm looking to move to the next level.

Recently (last week) I was contacted by a recruiter for a specific position as well as help in finding candidates for another position. I knew this recruiter when he worked for my LOB and was effective at getting us some great candidates. He mentioned that he is "on retainer" for the company who he was representing this postion to me.

Here's where I may or may not have pulled the Whoops:
1. I told him my current base salary
2. I was a bit flustered and might have come across as flighty

But he did send me a very raw position and company description and mentioned me as the "benchmark" for this position and he has seen me in senior executive meetings both presenting and contributing. I already had his contact info.

How can I get back on track?



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Great post. Everything I need to give you some help, and concise too. It's as if you're a senior level person and have the ability to go to the next level.

Don't worry about whoops. Yeah, you did. But remember one of my rules about interviewing (which by the way, you're in one with this guy already): everybody, everybody, EVERYBODY, makes (and gets a pass on) one mistake. It's the second one you make, while beating yourself up for the first one and taking your eye off the ball, that kills you.

And you haven't done that, and you've asked exactly the right question.

Get back on track by calling him. Tell him he caught you at a bad moment, and upon reflecting, you'd like to chat further about the role he mentioned. Tell him you'd like to know more. Ask him to review the basics, and tell him you'd like to think about others who might be right. Have those names ready for him, and contact them in advance to say he MIGHT be calling. Warm them up for him. (Send them to the casts!)

Don't mention that you were flighty. Simply behave as if that wasn't even possible, and he must have imagined that.

Don't go back over compensation in any way. That cat is out of the bag. I don't know if I said it this way in the shows, but generally compensation (other than ballparking) is always left til AFTER. So, for now, there's nothing to discuss, until there's an offer on the table. If the offer is WAY off, you've got a legitimate bone to pick with the recruiter/ex-recruiter.

Hope this helps. Let me know what happens!