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Hey folks, I work in a mid-sized software company that likes to have fun in the office. This comes in the form of billiards, table tennis, beer, etc. In our Seattle office people started bringing in nerf guns several months ago and a "war" breaks out for 5 minutes or so once or twice most days. The office is completely open (and not very large) so this is understandably a bit disruptive when it takes place. Most people in the office seem to enjoy it and look forward to the break.

Last week, a recent hire (~2 months) sent a broad mail out stating that they were in constant fear of getting hit in the crossfire and that it needs to stop.

What do you all think about this situation? I'm in a spot now where telling it to stop or setting rules around it may alienate many of the people who look forward to the nerf wars, and not doing anything will effectively call this person out in front of the organization. My sense is that I should at least give some feedback around the way they went about stating their dissatisfaction (start with management or HR). Does that also make sense?