MT Listeners,
Unfortunately, due to staff reductions I haven't had to interview in quite some time. Luckily, we are growing and I'm clearing out the cobwebs. Does anyone have a guideline into how much time you should allow per question

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Hi S,

for an hour's interview.. I allow 10 minutes for warm ups and introductions and 10 minutes for candidate questions and close down. Then I'd divide the remaining minutes into two for behavioural and technical questions and ask between 4 and 7 of each, depending on how well the candidate answered.

That's a very longwinded way of saying minimum 8 maximum 14 in an hour's interview.


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My experience is the same as Wendii's. For an hour interview I write 10-12 questions. I may end up skipping one because a candidate has covered it in a previous question, and I sometimes think of new questions during the interview - especially if it's for a new job. In that case I write down the question in my notes and add to my template after the interview so I have it for next time!