Where in the world do I find all of my old posts/subscriptions? I'm sure I will get used to the new site over time but definitely taking some time to adjust.

Nonetheless, content is king. Thanks for all that everyone does to contribute to this site.

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Another example of the "getting used to part" is that when I was on the site earlier and posted this comment I also read the post somewhere about the white sheet and red dot. Now, I can't find it for the life of me.

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The thread is:
"An Open Letter to the MT Community About the New Web Site"

Admittedly, it took me a few tries to find it.


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Make notes - don't depend on search engines and other people's bulletin boards. "It was just here yesterday!" are famous last words.

-Rob Redmond

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I'm not making notes on something that I pay to be a member of. Thanks for your help.

Hugh -


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Many a business ceases operations, some even fail to notify all customers beforehand.

The forums are free, btw.


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Google is your friend!

If you include in a search string on Google the word 'site' followed by a colon and the server name of a website the results will be restricted to that site. This is very helpful if you know you've read something on a particular site, you can search on just that site using key words you can remember. If you want to view posts by a particular user then just search on the site for their username.

For example:" yahtzee"

It's not perfect, it also returns any pages on which the username is mentioned and a lot of the links are still for the old site (this will resolve itself with time as the new pages replace the old, you may still be able to view some of the pages from the old site by clicking on the 'cache' link where it appears). Still a reasonable workaround.

For sites that have disappeared from the web you may be able to still get the publicly accessible content via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Again, not perfect but still a reasonable workaround.

Whilst I understand what Yahtzee says about making notes for a site we're paying to use, if something's important make a local copy and back up that local copy. It's like printing off you contact list every 6 months in case you get laid off. You hope you'll never need it and if all goes well you never will. Should the worst ever happen, however, you'll be glad you did.

Personally I use iTunes to download the podcasts and premium content which I then archive off to CD periodically. Same for the other podcasts and vodcasts I use. Since I'm archiving for personal use only this fits within my understanding of 'Fair Use'.


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Stephen - the formatting on one of yahtzee's posts looks like it came from me. I don't want to claim credit for yahtzee's work....As it turns out, yahtzee was directing one comment toward Rob, and one toward me.

(signed by)-Hugh

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I'm sorry for the confusion and have corrected my entry.


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Not a problem, Stephen.


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My point was that this is the only forum (pay or not) that I am a member of that I can't just click on "user cp" or something similar to see all of my post activity.  If it's here, please let me know where.  Thanks.

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 One of the recently added features is each user's recent activity listed on their profile page.  To see you profile page click on either your name in the forums or the 'My Profile' link in the bar to the upper left of the page.



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