Hi Mark,

First off, your advice is a treasure trove of valuable and actionable information. Hats off!

I am studying part-time for a B.Sc. degree along with my work, and am looking for new opportunities at the moment. I followed your suggestion about putting it in the education section if it is more than 50% complete, and had an additional question.

Before this degree course, my only completed qualification is A levels certification, and was recently advised that i should include that as well since it is my only 'completed' qualification. Any advice on that?


2 more with regard to certifications.

a. You mentioned that any certifications, MCSE/PMP/etc, should go as an accomplishment for the job you had when you got it. What about something that was in between jobs? If you prefer details, i ended up on the bad side of a 'restructuring' during the financial crisis a couple of years ago, and during the few months i was in transition, i completed a Six Sigma certification course.

b. I completed Six Sigma Green Belt as well as Black Belt during the same time-period. Should i mention both as separate accomplishments or just the Black Belt one since the Green Belt is a prerequisite for attending the Black Belt course anyway?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!