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If, after doing my Quarterly Retention Report, I find an employee has a high risk of loss trend, what are your recommendations?

I expect it depends on why they're a high risk, i.e., the work itself isn't challenging, no long-term career opportunity, etc. Also, if I'm doing my 1-on-1's I should already know this stuff.

Hmmm...sounds like I'm coaching myself.


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First of all, risk of loss is not the primary issue. The real concern is their performance. Managers must focus on high performers first, to some degree irrespective of risk.

If they are high risk and high performance, then, you're right, it depends. But it starts with sitting down and talking with them, and asking what they want and why they want it, and what you can get in return for giving it to them, and the plan that both of you will undertake to get there (this gives you months to work on the situation, and often avoids brinksmanship.