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I'm sorry I was unable to find this answer on my own, but hopefully someone knows off of the top of their head.

In the days when I was drinking M-T podcasts like cold water on a hot day, I heard one of the simplest, most profound images about hiring. I think it was Mark that said it. But I can't for the life of me remember which podcast it appeared in.

The idea is that you make a four quadrant chart with "Good Fit/Bad Fit" on one axis, and "Hire/Don't Hire" on the other. Most people believe that the goal of the hiring process is to fill the "Hire/Good Fit" square. In fact, the goal of the hiring process is to AVOID the "Hire/Bad Fit" square AT ALL COSTS. A related notion is that you should celebrate all no hire decisions, as you could well have just dodged a bullet.

Does someone know which podcast describes this? I'd love to spread the profundity with those around me.

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Jeff Gilles

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17 minute mark of "Set the Bar High"

Sorry to have engaged in a conversation with myself. Hopefully someday someone will have the same question!