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I had a program review this past week and I came up with a modified strategy for the 3 hour meeting based on piecing together the recent Persuasion, Prewire, and Presentation podcasts.

So I thought I throw it out there for comments and maybe to help others.

Based on the Persuasion podcast I mapped out all the participants and where I fit with them relationship and technically.

I prewired my presentation topics with each of the key decisions makers. I should have done more but it was logistically not possible. Given how well it worked to do the prewire, I'll try to work in more of these in the future.

The last part is of course I practiced for the presentation from where I know the best place is to present from past experiences and from the podcast recommendations.

But I ended up making a strategic decision as the meeting got started to move myself physically to be as close to those in Quadrant 2 of the Persuasiveness Matrix (strong relationship wise, and strong technically). As it turned out all the Q2 folks were on the same side of the room.

This move was a little uncomfortable from the practice standpoint, and it definitely changed my position to the senior decision maker, but the 'pay off' of being surrounded by those I had the most allied with made the review go smoother than I anticipated.

So just something to consider. A little dynamic changes based on who sits where might pay off for you as it did for me.


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Wow Steve! I would file this under [b]really[/b] knowing your audience. Nice work.