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Hey all,

Should I update my title to "Director", e.g. on LinkedIn, socially, etc.?

I joined my current company in 2023. They had created a role called "L&D Specialist". There was no HR here, let alone L&D before this.

Effective Jan 1 they will change my title to Director, but I have no direct reports (I'm still the only L&D employee). While I do lead L&D, and it's a pretty strategic role for our company of 1000+, I am just wondering if risks exist by updating my title to Director publicly without the traditional responsibilities that come with it.

Overall it's of course something I'm grateful for and positive about, but every time I tell someone external (who's not also in software;) that I'm a Director, I will feel a bit awkward.

Thanks for any insight you have!

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If you're expected to fill out L&D, such that you will give yourself direct reports in the coming year or two, I'd say upgrade now and use the "larger" title in good faith.  Ditto if it's complimentary to your boss (status bump) or to emphasize the importance higher-ups place on your role to others within the organization.  Yes, folks outside of software understand "title inflation" just as much as those of us in software -- and its occasional usefulness. ;-)