Hi All,

I've been a fan of Manager Tools for quite some time, as it's really helped me become a calm, effective leader within our organization.  The trouble I'm having now is coaching my team to take the same tools I've learned from the podcast and apply them to their direct reports.  I'm hoping there is the one "magic bullet" podcast (or something similar) I can point my directs to, that they can absorb within 20-30 minutes and understand the larger concepts that the series can teach.  At least the Manager Tools Basics.  I feel that even though my directs have experienced first hand from me of what the trinity can do, I'm not going to be an effective teacher - everyone applies their own experiences from the lesson and I want them to have the same opening of their mind that I had a few years ago.

Of course, this is a "you can lead a horse to water..." type situation, but if I can get them to experience a small snippet, I'm hopeful they can explore more on their own to become better leader themselves.

Somewhat of a strange touchy-feely idea for me, as a high D/C, but any ideas are appreciated.  Thanks!


Arvada, CO

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Hi Jeff,

How about the 3 casts (parts 1, 2 and 3) about the trinity itself?

It is a comprehensive guide to the philosophy behind it.

There are also casts on rolling out the trinity which again cover both the phiosophy and show you an effective way to roll it out.

Alternatively, send them to the Effective Manager Conference.

I bet if you asked them for 3 topic areas each that they need help with, you could find a matching cast for all of them. 

Hope that helps


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I've been lucky so far that when I've managed managers, they've been people I've promoted into the role, which means I got to set the expectations up-front that they would be building relationships, talking about performance, and helping the people they were responsible for to improve.  If they didn't want to do that, then they were under no obligation to step into the role.

If you already have a team of managers who weren't appointed with that understanding, the method of roll-out may change, but I think the expectation can be exactly the same.  You're already modelling the behaviours you want to see in your directs, and presumably the improved results are clear to everyone.  Thus, it's simply a matter now of talking to your directs, explaining to them that you expect them to use the trinity to get the same benefits for their teams that you've gotten with them.  It is now an expected part of their jobs, and it isn't negotiable.  Give them some time and space in O3s, corridor conversations, and perhaps another staff meeting, to discuss any concerns they've got, but set a reasonable roll-out plan (including time for training, practice, and the usual roll-out timeline that MT recommends) and expect your directs to stick to it.  Fork out for the EMC/ECC, to give them the best possible start, and to show that you're truly committed to their using these techniques, rather than just flapping your gums.  Also keep on top of their rollout, asking them to give you rundowns of their O3s, details of the feedback they've given (the exact words and delivery works well), and have them share the coaching plans they develop (at the appropriate points in their rollout).

Most of the rest of the MT guidance doesn't have to be mandated, but can instead be done on an as-needed basis.  Use MT podcasts as one of the many resources in whatever coaching plans you and your direct develop together.  When someone has an issue to deal with, use the famous line, "There's a cast for that!" and let them go from there.  Make sure everyone gets company-provided personal licenses so they get the shownotes, because not everyone learns best by listening (and also because Things I Think I Think is a great read).

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Hello Jeff,

I too feel frustrated when there is something available out there that 'I KNOW' will help folks out, but is met with resistance. I felt that if I could just get folks to see the value in these tools, they too would achieve much more than even they believe possible. and its true, your analogy of leading a horse to water... I've found surprising success when I "hand selected" some podcasts that I wanted my folks to glean some idea/concept from and I added that as an assignment during the coaching portion of the O3's. I provided a URL link to the Podcast, gave a deadline to listen to it, and asked for a brief (3 paragraph)write up (also with a deadline).

Paragraph 1- What was the main idea or concept(s) of the podcast?

Paragraph 2- Name some things that were actionable, more importantly, what could 'They' action out of the Podcast?

Paragraph 3- Finally, what short term/long term benefit could they gain if they were in fact willing and able to implement some of those actionable ideas or concepts?

It was important for me to allow them to take from it what mattered to them, and not allow myself to infuse my own 'moral of the story' on them. For this to work, the ideas, and conclusions that they draw must be made their own, or they just wont implement anything no matter how much they may agree with it.

This is best implemented in incremental doses. If you push too much too fast it becomes a deliverable they must comply with rather than a learning experience they have a commitment to.

Give it a try. I hope you find success as I have.