I'd appreciate the MT community thoughts on a challenge of applying the concise, one page resume guidance for job seekers in project manager roles.  Project manager job requirements often include a long list of pm responsibilities that are standard practice for any role (see example below).  I haven't been including these standard practices (manage schedule, budget, deliver status reports....)as either role definition nor accomplishment, as doing so would consume a large amount of my precious one page.

My concern is that I'm being screened out against to 5 page resumes that are with including all those details for all applicable roles, while I have to date take for granted that any pm would be performing those tasks.

Thanks, Drew

Example Responsibilities

- Monitors and controls program execution - (deliverables/milestones, funding, POP, status reports, training, meeting staffing requirements)
- Identifies, mitigates, prioritizes, manages and drives resolution of project issues, constraints, dependencies and risks. Proactively identifies risk areas and critical items that need to be done to keep project on track.
- Works directly with contracts, pricing, project control and execution personnel for all program related functions.
- Interfaces directly with client sponsors, managers, and executives to ensure Unisys delivery meets their expectations for schedule, budget, and quality. Takes initiative to anticipate and resolve delivery issues. Primary POC for customer
- Effectively collaborates across organization and its partners to ensure new business development activities remain on schedule

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any thoughts?

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 Hi Drew,

I started using the one page resume last year and got a lot of negative feedback from hiring managers and recruiters, I'm in Ireland so that may have something to do with it, I don't know? However, those same people said the Accomplishment bullets looked good. As a result I have gone back to my two page resume, kept the Accomplishments bullets and have had better results. 

Based on my experience I would suggest the following-

- Talk to some recruiters, ask them about an appropriate format for your resume.

- If possible, talk to some hiring managers, look for input on your resume format, I found thins painful but very helpful.

- If you want to keep the one page format, try headlining your accomplishments. E.G Completed €25 Million Project within 12 months saving €xxxx. or Successfully completed new product introduction within agreed time frame, and so on for each project. Basically, if you could use only one accomplishment from each project what would it be? Use this as your Headline.

Thats all I got dude.

Best of luck with the search,


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Thanks for your thoughts Wayne.