To help me capture all of the things I want to be sure to cover with my team, I made a little checklist for myself to use when preparing for my staff, and thought it might be useful if anyone else is dealing with the same thing.  I've been focusing on improving the waterfall portion of my weekly staff, and realized that there were a lot of things I was missing.  So many little pieces of information come at me from so many different sources, I needed to broaden my perspective rather than just trying to synthesize what I've heard come down from above.  

Organizational Updates

  • Notes from my boss' staff meeting, if there was a recent one
  • Email from my boss, from his boss, or sent to certain distribution lists (e.g. we have a management DL)


  • Group calendar - any training or vacation time scheduled for our team or key members of other groups that we may rely on?  Other business travel that people should be aware of, e.g. visit to another geo?


  • Hiring - where are we with key hires?
  • Process notes - any tweaks to our internal processes we need to bring up?
  • Email from my peers, with special attention to those in other geos
  • Team metrics report - anything we need to call out specifically?


  • Email from key customers
  • Notes from my 1:1 with customer execs
  • Calendar - upcoming meetings with customers


  • Calendar - upcoming meetings with vendors
  • Email - any notifications the team needs to be aware of?

I hope this may be useful to someone else.



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Thanks L

Much appreciated

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Yes, thanks. Great tip.

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Excellent, thanks for sharing!

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Just starting this process so this is a great starting point to provide some direction.

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I came across this the other day and used this list to prepare for my weekly staff meeting today.  I finally felt that I had all the information I need to talk about.  I can see this making my portion of the staff meeting more effective.  Thanks for sharing.