BLUF: Any suggestions on preparation as a skip for recurring one-on-ones?

Little backstory:

I just returned from an international assignment for 2.5 years.  I was previously in IT as a project manager and then a line manager in China.  I had some success (thank you Manager Tools for some great tools!) and I was asked to return early to manage our payroll team through a critical time.  I've been in this role for 6 months.

We've had a ton of turnover (nearly 70%) in the past year in our area and my direct manager was brought in to stabilize the area.  She's a fantastic manager and very supportive as we're rebuilding the team.  

I've also got a good HR VP that has asked me (through her) to have skip-level one-on-ones on a recurring basis.  I'm familiar and use the concept myself within my team.  However, I've never been on this side of the meeting with a skip level manager meeting with me without a specific agenda.  As a result I'm struggling with how to prepare.  

A few key points that might be relevant.

1) I've had a number of early successes and feedback was very positive including from the VP. Just completed my performance feedback and the results were highly positive across the board.
2) Lately we've been uncovering some systemic issues that have been painful to deal with. Some of these problems are causing political issues for our VP.
3) I've made some missteps along the way, primarily in the communication processes. One has been an issue that our VP discussed with me directly.
4) The feedback around the meeting invite was that both my direct manager and skip manager want to make sure I'm getting whatever support I need. 

So, if you were me, how would you prepare going into the meetings? 

Thanks for any ideas you can provide!