anyone got this to sync to their ipod/iphone? I sync all podcasts to my iphone yet this hasn't come across - I guess because it's docs not audio, but I'd like to have to hand the docs so I can see them when listening to the podcasts (which are synching no problem).

I had thought about manually copying them over but I'm getting lazy in my old age and would like something that did it for me.



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This feed will bring up a forum that discussed this. Sadly no way to sync the pdf's according to Mike.


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 I have all the PDFs on my iPhone. Several ways to do this. I prefer "DocsToGo" which makes syncing really easy. You buy the iPhone version, then download the desktop application. Next, go to iTunes, right click on any PDF and choose "Show in Finder" (Mac) or "Show in Windows Explorer (WinXP). The folder where your PDFs are actually located opens. Simply create a new folder, then copy all the PDFs into it. Drag that folder into your desktop folder for DocsToGo and sync.

Another FREE way to do this is to download the "File Magnet" app.