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Thanks again for the premium content. Now I have a whole new pile of casts to go through. I think I'm going to have to dedicate a portable hard drive to MT podcasts and content. My credit card has been sneaking out of my wallet and trying to sign up for the premium content for the last several days. It can rest easy now.

I'm thrilled to be able to say that I'm a day 1 member of the MT Premium Content club.

Mark Polino

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I'm in the "Premium Club" as well... I just downloaded the casts and can't wait to start listening to them all! (even though I'm not really planning on interviewing any time soon....)

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After all those months spent getting "caught up" on Manager Tools podcasts... now I'm behind again. :cry: :P

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Wah! I hafta wait til payday (Friday). :cry:

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Did it, and hammering the servers as I type. Got some glitches with logins, on the forum, the server for docs and with iTunes, but I'm sure they will go away once the frenzy has passed.
It would be interesting to see the logs of the traffic today, and the bandwidth useage.

BTW did everyone receive an email? I didnt, but its not a problem I was just wondering

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I didn't get an email either. I had to rely on constantly refreshing the page.. but the end result is what matters, right? Premium Club!

Rich -- I know the feeling. Happy+Sad at the same time. But a nice week of podcast-listening to look forward to.

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I did not get an e-mail either. That's why I "waited" until 9:30 (MDT) to join the club.

Bill- as I'm sure you know, that wasn't really a complaint. :D

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No complaint from me either, I just wanted to see if my email was working from here, make sure it didnt get lost in the post!!

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I have been looking so much forward to this I almost want to take loan in the bank to be an early member.... however i will have to wait, since i'm a student!

Well done M&M!


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Any truth to the rumor that the premium content for this podcast ([url][/url]) is going to include baby pictures of Mike and Mark?


p.s. Sorry, it was a long day... :D

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I finally gave in and signed up for the annual premium content today so am downloading right now. I'll be interviewing in a couple of months so this is perfectly timed for me to swot up and get some practice in.

Am I missing something though in terms of a somewhere to download the premium content for the old shows without having to go through each one manually in the archive? It would be nice if this were available.

Also, on other casts I listen to when they release the feed they attach documents which are downloaded with the cast. Is this something you'll be doing in the future?

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I was one of the first-day people who signed up the afternoon Premium Content was available. It's already been useful. I reviewed a number of things in the first few days, but today it was very helpful.

This morning I screwed up and missed a one-on-one. I got delayed by traffic, but it was my fault both for not planning my drive better, and for not phoning my direct when I was delayed.

So I remembered the "Do you need to apologize" podcast, and reviewed the slides that are part of the Premium Content for that podcast. Then I immediately apologized, using the four steps.

I didn't want to take the time to review the whole podcast, but I remember the tone and the central ideas. What I didn't remember, and the Premium Content captured exactly, were the four steps. Having them available resulted in a higher-quality apology, delivered as soon as possible.

So if you haven't signed up yet, I encourage you to do so today.


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I have also gotten a lot of value in just the first 10 days. I had a dinner last night with someone who is trying to recruit me for a job (still no offer, so I still have nothing). A quick review of the Meal Ettiquite info and I was well prepared. We were in a slightly noisy resturant so we sat next to, instead of across from each other. Unconventional, but we had a great conversation without straining to hear each other.

I have also reviewed the Contacting Recruiters cast to startup a relationship with a recruiter who called me this week.

Worth every penny and more!