I know the PowerPoint show was awhile ago, but I recently started to assist with creating slideshows for training and wanted to get some feedback on the way my department does its training.

Occasionally our department rolls out a new procedure which involves a task on the computer system and need to train the employees how complete the new task. Example: Submitting a daily widget report.

My manager is a "Sensing" type on the Myers-Briggs personality matrix, whereas I am an "Intuative" type. This creates a conflict of how we should train a new procedure. A death-by-powerpoint of 100 slides with a new slide for each new option really rubs my personality the wrong way, but I don't want to loose the "Sensing" learner types with a general overview. Obviously, I know I can't jump up and down and say "NO! NO! NO!"

However, as a side-bar in a 2003 survey I found, S types are found in 66-74% of the popluation, whereas N types are only found in 26-34% of the population. So, did I answer my own question?

I would appreciate any feedback on this, since I'm still developing my teaching style. When we do wider trainings, I can defintely pick out the Ns as they are bored and the Ss sometimes don't connect all the dots.

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I highly suggest using a screencast for system training. I find it to be much more useful than static slides. Plus, the combination of the voice-over and the visual with movement can pass much more information to the user.

One note, if this is a process that has multiple branches, an overview slideshow (or PDF, really that's the better medium for this) can be supplimented by task specific screencasts lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute each.

I believe you'll find that comprehension is much higher than giving out a 3 page deck or a 100 page deck (both of which suffer from lack of information or overkill)

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I'm not suggesting I'm right, but I've found that trying to incorporate behavioral styles (Disc and MBTI) is not very effective in group training. Yes, it's great for individual questions... but as often as I've tried, I can't get it to work across a large number of folks.

As well, the issue with training cannot be solved, in my estimation, with statistics about how styles are distributed.

The way to train people on a process is to have them ACTUALLY DO whatever you want to train them on. Small groups, one to one computer to trainee ratio. And screencasts really help this, I agree.


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As a side note... our company has an internal training course called "effective presentations". One of my directs has requested to attend and I approved. I did put one stipulation... he MUST listen to MT on the same subject. I want him to go in with some other perspective and be able to compare, contrast, and contribute, then report back to me. I'll let you know more in August.

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That's great! What's more, we'll have two more PowerPoint shows this year, and will recur to the topic regularly.

Keep us posted!