Hi All,

Having listened to the pod cast on thank you notes I decided to do something different with my Christmas cards to my team this year.

Rather than the normal 'Best wishes' of previous years I took Mark and Mike's guidance and started down the road of writing each card as a thank you note to each person on my team for the hard work they have given over the last year.

Like many things I have discovered in manager-tools I wish I'd known about this years ago.  As I was writing notes I realized that it wasn't only folks from my own team who have been superstars during the last (sometimes bloody terrifying for them) 12 months but that certain key tasks would not have been carried out if not for the actions of others as well and they also needed recognition.

This has really opened my eyes about being a manager whose goals not only meet the needs of the business but also benefit as many people as possible along the way.  I now see the relationship value of actively looking for success for as many people as possible, directs or otherwise.

It feels good to get a thank you note but even better writing one.  Go figure.