Is it possible to have a folder for each type of podcast? It would save time searching for a topic. Example: teamwork

I would even be willing to help move the emails into the appropriate areas. When in doubt I would try to contact the originator to see where they would like it.

I know this may frustrate those who still still like the card catalog but I'm in a hurry to get answers.

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Folder? Podcast? email? Card catalog?

What is the problem you're trying to solve?


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In the [b]forum [/b]section there is a folder relating to discussions on podcasts. The problem is all the discussions are lumped together. I would like to see it further divided into: Discussions about teamwork or discussions about motivation.

It just seems all the discussions are lumped together. When I want to read a discussion on teamwork I would like to find just teamwork.

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I see. Thanks for the clarification.

Mike mentioned an upgrade of the site technology a while back; such an improvement would probably have to be done as part of that effort.

There would either have to be a manual effort to organize the discussions, or simply archive where we're at and start over. The first would be a lot of work (as topic 'drift' would require doing more than reading the subject line) and the second would relegate much good discussion to the archive.

Finally, all the embedded links in threads to other threads would break.


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Don't forget that there are a lot of podcasts and there will be thousands. The current system is best as old posts quickly disappear into the 'next page' that no-one checks.

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Good point about the embedded links. Archiving would take time but every day the job gets bigger.

As for the old posts - I sometimes start there because it is more likely to be from Mike and Mark when they had more time on their hands. It's like going directly to the teacher vs the teachers assistant.

I would help to categorize the discussions and some would bleed over. For me it is just frustrating to have to read so much before I can find what I want.

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I have felt the same frustration in the past. It is likely that a lot of incremental work would be required to achieve this. I figure that both a reclassification of the posts by keyword would have to be done and future request to posting users for meta data to be added to the posts. I have tried this within a small company of 50 with respect to our key documents, and have met with a tremendous challenge. Doing it with a community of thousands is nearly impossible.

What I do however is to visit the forums regularly, almost daily when I am not traveling. I use the "[b]View Posts since last Visit[/b]" feature[size=18][/size] to see action on old threads and new threads.
Another neat option is to flag a thread to email you notifications of new post.

These will not help you sort term in terms of what is already there, but if you can train your brain to now worry about that, just join in and focus on future posts. This place is amazing. I can't imagine what I did before I found it.