Is this podcast offered on Stitcher? I can't find it there.

However, I found one with 4 podcasts about 1-1's, Coaching, Delegation, etc. It's called "Manager Tips, Tools & Rules." Is that the same or some other group?

I used to listen on Apple podcasts, but their new update has screwed up lots of stuff and I don't want to use it anymore.

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I use PocketCasts and I'm very happy with it, I moved to it in 2016 and I've been happy ever since

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I also switched off Apple Podcasts to Overcast after this 14.5/14.6 update.

I think I remember Mark once saying something about how being on Stitcher would mean they have to agree to some kind of onerous terms, or that Stitcher was just taking their content and re-publishing it without their consent (Stitcher pulls in all the original data to their servers, which destroys visibility of stats for podcasters).

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Overcast had some features that I liked better than Sticher and Apple. I have not tried PocketCasts.

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I switched also from Apple Podcast to Overcast. I can't say if Overcast is good but, most are using it lately.