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I have reviewed several areas of my profile to search for ways to track my activity, particularly for Casts that I’ve completed or partially completed (In-progress).  I found the “Activity” page in the “My Account” area, but it is only showing my activity related to the interview creation tool.

As part of my professional development I’m listening to several Casts, but I’ve been jumping around quite a bit and finding it difficult to keep track of what I’ve listened to between time on my office PC, time on my mobile device, and time on a laptop at home.

Is there currently a way to identify completed or in-progress Casts? If not, I would like to put this in your Suggestion Box.


Best regards,

Brian Pam

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Hello Brian,

If this feature exists, I would also love to know...or see it in future iterations of the site. When I search for all podcasts, I would love there to be a manual checkbox feature that shows I've listened to it. 

Otherwise, the workarounds are mark everything listened to as a favourite - to call up in your favourites list (but dillutes which ones are faves). What I've been doing is printing out the list of "all podcasts" and checking it off manually. Too many pages to hold in my black book for easy reference. But a high C routine I'll keep re-designing in the meantime.

Happy continued listening all,
-Michelle P.