Just finished listening to todays cast (how to run staff meetings), excellent as usual. I noticed that its your 100 podcast so congratulations on reaching this milestone.

I look forward to the next 100


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Congratulations guys, its a good achievement and its appreciated

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I recall hearing Mark saying back in 2005, "we have 100s of topics lined up..." I didn't quite believe him, and after the first 100 I'm looking for more!

Congrats, and I'm looking forward to the next 100!


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Congratulations Mark and Mike on producing 100 shows. That's a lot of great content.

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Dear Mike and Mark

Thank you very much for all the insights and wisdom you choose to share with the MT community. With every podcast or forum posting, I learn something not only new but valuable and practical. I find that I go into Hotwash mode, keeping my eyes open a little more as I look for opportunities to apply these nuggets. With great appreciation and looking forward to the next 100 podcasts,


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I decided to risk being repetitive over not being appreciative. I've been through a few different consultants, and nobody but nobody touches what you guys offer.

I can't believe you're giving it away!

Thanks a million for what you do,

Will Duke