Hi folks,

I have gained quite a bit of knowledge from and the podcast. As a small gesture of reciprocation, I'd like to ask everyone to please take a look at the People's Choice podcast awards.

The way this works is that EVERYONE should nominate the podcast daily. I suggest the Business category, but Best Produced and the People's Choice are also categories the show is eligible for. Everyone can nominate the show every day each 24 hour period. The nominations end at midnight on July 15. A show CANNOT be nominated for more than one category by the same person on the same day. I would suggest picking one category and then voting for the manager-tools in that category daily.

After the nomination period ends, the nominations will be reviewed for eligibility, voting irregularities, etc.. Withing a week or so, the top five nominated shows will then be posted and general voting begins. I'll keep you posted on that.

If you listened to the shows about Mike's and Mark's annual goals for the show, voting for the podcast would make some headway for them in achieving their goals. Also, there was $4500 in cold hard cash that was distributed among the winners last year. :)

After all the knowledge, insight and suggestions M&M's have thrown out there for us, I think this is the least we can do to help them grow their show and help them meet their goals while they help us meet ours.


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Thanks, Lisa ... that was incredibly kind of you!

We feel honored!


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Just an FYI, I voted under Business. I think the show would be worthy under several other categories as well, but given the limitations, I am going to focus on the category that a) they are most likely to win and b) is likely to provide the most benefit to MT in the long term, re bringing in $$.

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I voted under Business too, keep up the good work!

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I don't usually join very many forums, but I joined this one for two reasons. First, I joined specifically because of the newsletter and Lisa's comments about nominating Manager Tools for the People's Choice Podcast Award. Second, I knew there would be some phenomenal comments here. I was not disappointed with the comments. If everyone votes for Manager Tools, I won't be dissapointed and I know neither will Michael and Mark.

Thanks guys, for all your advice, perscriptive tactics and very, very valuable information. Voting is the least we can do. D [/code]

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I was not sure who was checking the awards site to see what came up, but thought you may want to note the award that managers tools won so far.

“Congratulations to our first of three winners, Manager Tools Podcast for driving the most traffic to the website thru our Podcast Awards Banner Promotion.”

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And we owe that to everyone here. We're blessed with such support.