Fellow Managers,

The company I work for is consolidating locations and will be closing down one of their plants and relocating it to another facility.

The current thought to satisfy WARN is to announce, close, pay out 60 days because of some unique and valid concerns on the part of the business. I presume the company has looked into the legality of this approach. Some of the concerns are decreased productivity during the WARN period, safety concerns, potential for sabotage of equipment, security issues etc, etc. On a more positive note, almost everyone (salary/hourly) will be offered a job at the new location (although we know not everyone will be able/willing to relocate for various reasons.)

However, this approach is not sitting well with me. Being someone that strives for integrity, it is killing me to know this and have to pretend I don't (NDA). I'd rather people know and try to guide them through strong emotions and prepare well.

Any advice?