I've been on the list for awhile, but just noticed some other folks from Pittsburgh posting.

Would any other people from the Pittsburgh area be interested in a MT Meetup?

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I'm In!


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I'm In!


Great. There were a couple folks from SEI posting; but they might not have seen this thread. I'll try to contact them via email.

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would be me. I'm in too. Thanks for pulling it together.

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Thanks William,

I had remembered seeing you post before; but the only other SEI person I could find was Daniel "dpipitone". Do you know him?

What would be more convenient for everyone? Lunch, early Dinner, Happy Hour?

What location works for everyone? I'm in Greentree. But don't mind driving elsewhere in the city to meet.

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SURELY there is only one place for Manager Tools elite to meet and greet in Pittsburgh:

Primanti's. :wink:

I'd walk 15 blocks in slushy February weather after midnight in flip flops for a Primanti Brothers "burger".

My favorite burger joint in the world.


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Great suggestion Mark! The only problem is which one? We have 11 in the area.

I'm near Kennywood and live in the South Hills. I can be pretty flexible with the location. I'm thinking somewhere like the Southside Works or other Southside locales (Shootz, FatHeads, Primanti's/Blue Note?).

Mark ~ Why wait for the typical Pittsburgh weather that you described? We'd love to have you and Mike join us! The weather is great right now. We're burning through our annual 60 days of sunshine.

We'll have a Cheese Steak and an Iron City waiting for you....


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Oh, but there's only ONE!




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I'm in also.

Mark is on the money regarding Primanti's.

I live in Mt Lebanon, but anyplace works.

In Pittsburgh, all roads lead to Smallman St in the Strip.


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Then I'll propose

Primanti's, Southside (18th & Carson) May 17th at 5:30PM.

What does everyone think about that?

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I'm in for Primanti's on the 17th. Daniel and I have two other teammates at SEI who attended the conference with us but probably don't read the forums--we'll let them know about this and see if they can make it.

Somewhat off topic, but I can't resist: I like the Primanti's meat-food-product-covered-with-vinegar-slaw-and-fries thing (aka "cheese steak") as well as any other red-blooded Pittsburgher,'s no hamburger. For that, try Tessaro's in Bloomfield.

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Just reminder that the Pittsburgh MT'ers will be meeting at Primanti's, Southside (18th & Carson) May 17th at 5:30PM.

I'll get there a bit early and put my name in with the hostess (we'll have 5 people I believe).

Looking forward to meeting you all.