Hey everyone,

I will soon be applying for a position over the summer, and recently found out that I need to take a personality profiling test before interviewing. Any insights into these tests? Either from an advice standpoint, or just discussing their effectiveness?


- Will

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A future cast, I think.

Basically, STOP thinking about whether the test works or not. That's like getting ready for an interview by wondering if they really do work or not. The company thinks they do, and that's ALL that matters. I'm not even going to address that here.

To prepare, here are my recommendations:

1. It's important. Assume it's the most important interview you'll have. and for heaven's sake DO NOT scoff about it to someone at the test center or company. Be upbeat about it.

2. You may be interviewed too. Get ready for all the normal questions and time and run around. Dress as if.

3. Find out which tests they use if they will share and do some research.

4. Get a good night's sleep, and prepare for a long haul, so you don't get caught tired in the middle.

5. DO NOT TRY TO GAME THE TEST. Most of these tests have validation questions designed to show that you are "trying to be everything to everyone" for instance, and that will disqualify you (not for your answers, but for your clearly proven lack of confidence). Trust me... just be yourself.

6. They are RARELY critical in the decision to hire. If everyone loves you, they'll overlook an "off" score.

7. They really can help.



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Thanks Mark!