I've started writing and giving my performance reviews for 2006. I can say that the SEER method generally is working for me. But, the area that I was most hesitant about was giving out the reviews the night before. What an excellent idea! So far I've done 2 out of 18 this way and they have been fantastic. They are prepared. They have questions. No surprises. I was afraid it would be contentious but it wasn't at all. I am a convert. Oh thank you Mark and Mike!


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Our pleasure. Feel free to write similar notes as often as you like in the future.

Merry Christmas!


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I did the same thing last year. It certainly does make a difference in the effectiveness of the face-to-face delivery of the performance review when you give them a copy the night before. That's going to be standard practice henceforth.

Our review cycle kicks off in February. The past few years it has been staggered so several groups get launched each week over the course of two months. A "rolling window" if you like with all having 10 weeks to complete everything and reduce the "pile" on the manager.

That being said, I am on week 3 of 12 on my personal information from the MT members area. What a great guide to help get material and thoughts in order before meeting with your boss.

In a few weeks I will start reviewing the material on my directs...

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I used SEER on a 90-day eval for someone (I've been a manager for 3 months now) and the HR Person returned it after reviewing it and told me that it was the best written review she had ever seen.

Thanks Manager Tools! (I told her where I got the idea from, too)

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Completed my reviews today! Handing them out the night before was absolutely perfect. Only 2 did not pick it up. One because they forgot and the other was too nervous in anticipation of bad news (she did fine). Many stated that this was a great idea and really helped THEM. Also, 2 people gave the review themselves! It was quite comical. They were both "And I agree with this. And this line means this. And I should be doing that in the next year." Thanks again.