I thought I would share a potential pitfall that I encountered when preparing for my review this year.

After completing weeks 6 and 7 I had a mound of supporting documentation in a folder ready to hand to my boss when I thought to

"Is this really going to make it easier on her? She might freak if she thinks I expect her to review all this and tie it back to my review somehow!"

So I added one more document - a key with a short description of each document divided into 3 groupings. Not only did the key guide her to the purpose of each document but I was able to group them ( by placing a color coded tab on the front page of each document) as to which area of my goals they supported.

No results yet, but I will share them when I get them.

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Good point!

I do think we made a point that you don't want to give your boss too much additional stuff...if it's more than a half inch thick, you probably have too much.